Human Design Readings


Are you curious about what your Human Design reveals about you and your mode of ease? I offer various readings focused on the aspect that is most important for you in your life right now.

My heartfelt promise to you:
I will show you the magic of your energy

  • I assemble your unique masterpiece from the puzzle pieces of your Human Design chart.
  • I explain your personal aspects in an easy-to-understand way.
  • I do not just stick to the surface, but delve deep into your particularities and challenges based on your design and your questions.
  • My heart goal is for you to know yourself better, accept yourself more, and confidently walk your own path afterwards.
  • The reading is NOT a life coaching or therapy*.
  • I firmly believe that you are your own guru.
  • I deeply believe that we are all here on this planet right now to be part of the solution for the future.
  • And for a sustainable world, we need YOU in your full splendor and true greatness.
  • Therefore, I am looking forward to your invitation (a projector energetically needs and invitation…) to show you the magic of your energy.

Customer feedback

Human Design Reading Testimonial Inge


“I have gained a completely different understanding”

Human Design Reading Testimonial Markus


“Everything comes together to form a great foundation. I haven’t had so much clarity in a long time.”



“You can tell that Human Design is your passion. So many valuable and accurate insights.”

Energie Testimonials


“The Reading has given me and my family many impulses. I can only recommend it to everyone. Katja’s natural way is wonderfully personal.”


My approach

To accompany you with heart, hand and clarity to yourself. Awaken transformation with the help of human design.

I am Katja Hainz, Manager, Human Design expert, author, mother, wife, and soul friend.

As a 6/2 projector, it has always been intuitively important for me to show others their strength and beauty. Hiding one’s light under a bushel is not so much my thing ;-). I like things colorful and radiant in this world. So let’s unleash the magic of your energy together.

My roots are on an Austrian mountain farm. After my journey into international business (in companies on 5 continents), I have now returned to nature, to ancient knowledge and our most innate energy. Today, I live with my husband and my two sons near Munich.

  • Former management consultant
  • 20 years of project management experience
  • Tony Robbins Academy
  • Author
  • Life and transformation coach
  • THEKI® consciousness trainer
katjahainz human design reading

DISCLAIMER / Information about a Human Design Reading

The session serves for higher self-awareness and DOES NOT REPLACE diagnosis or treatment by a doctor/healer/therapist. No medical or therapeutic treatments will be performed. It is not recommended to interrupt or stop other treatments.

No healing promises are made. Each client bears full personal responsibility for the application of what is discussed.