Feedback from previous readings

Ina Diepold, 44, married, 1 daughter from Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm, Bavaria

I am absolutely thrilled. For a few months now, I had been hearing about "Human Design." Upon recommendation, I contacted Katja Hainz. I too can recommend Katja from the bottom of my heart. When Katja analyzed my Human Design, I was captivated and touched all over my body. I listened to some parts of it twice because I was so engrossed. At times, I thought, "How can Katja know this, we have never even met?" I personally had issues where I was unsure if I was on the right path, and with Human Design, Katja actually showed me the way. My expectations were exceeded. I highly recommend it to anyone from the heart!

Pia Karasz, 37, 2 children, Munich area

Dear Katja, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your detailed reading of my Human Design! At first I was not really convinced that Human Design is something for me. After your long audios, I was initially reassured that much of what my HD prescribes is already intrinsically a part of me anyway. And yet there is much that through your compassionate, motivating and positive reading is now getting more space in my daily life and thoughts.... The journey seems far from being over, but the first step is done, THANK YOU!

Juli Huber, 40, Spain

I had no idea about Human Design and got a taste for it through my best friend after she told me so enthusiastically about the reading with Katja. I was surprised how true many characteristics were and now I understand why I often have such difficulties with the implementation of certain projects .... they are just not compatible with my HD, with my energy. You definitely learn a lot about yourself, your origin, strengths/weaknesses as well as emotions. Katja is incredibly empathic and just right for this calling. She explains everything very precisely and with a lot of patience. It's best to think about which area of your life you want to focus on or which questions are currently on your mind. The more concrete, the better Katja can then create the design. Thank you for this valuable experience. Everyone who is struggling with themselves and the world should definitely try the reading with Katja and surely one or the other question will be answered.

Silke Pech, 47, mother, Landshut area

After my Human Design reading by Katja, my life has relaxed immensely. Somehow unconscious pressure is gone. I suddenly understand myself and can deal with life's challenges better. I go through life more self-confident and powerful. Professionally, everything is changing in the right direction due to my inner "new" consciousness. I can only recommend everyone to get a HD reading from Katja.

Ania, 41, mother, Munich

I have always been a bit with horoscopes. Currently I am a little more confused in my life than usual and don't really know which way is the right one. That's why a good friend of mine recommended a Human Design Reading by Katja. I didn't know it yet and it made me very curious. Then I called Katja and we got to know my Human Design. This is a great thing. It really helps you to understand yourself better. Actually, we know each other well enough, but Human Design helps us to name some things in our lives and to understand even better why we do it that way and not differently. For me it was a GREAT EXPERIENCE. I would do it again and again. Katja explained everything very well and was very calm and full of emotion. With every question she wanted to help me. You can really see that she really enjoys it and that she likes to do it. Katja many thanks for everything. Best regards and MANY THANKS Anja