Accelerator Program – Into the fast lane

You are in a transition phase and feel ready for your breakthrough now?

For whom

• You have been going around in circles for a while
• You feel that there is more inside you
• You want to break out of the familiar, it simply doesn’t fit (anymore)
• You want to build something new, and have an even greater impact on the world
• You feel “Now is my time, I can’t wait any longer!”
• However, you also have doubts…
o “What if it doesn’t work out?”
o “What if I fail?”
o “What will my friends / family say about it?”
o Etc.
• You are not yet ready to be visible, you are still hesitant
• You are still searching for your authentic self.

WHO you wish for

• A trustworthy mentor
• A mentor who reliably supports you on your (new) path
• A mentor who also holds up a mirror to show you where you are not yet living your design, not yet fulfilling your potential, and not yet being authentic
• A mentor who can support you in all areas with deep experience, knowledge, and intuition
• A mentor who inspires you to full growth, celebrates your successes with you, and simply wants to see you flourish.

Components of the mentoring

During the mentoring program (duration: 3 months) we will first clarify based on your Human Design – what suits you? But also, what doesn’t? Afterwards, we’ll establish corresponding priorities for you. We will also let go of unnecessary things to make room for new ones. This will accelerate your progress towards your (higher) goals!
I will help you discover your authentic self and gradually integrate it into your life at your own pace – for more success, ease, and better relationships.

  • You will receive your personal, individual VIP Human Design Reading
    • that provides a comprehensive understanding of yourself, your authentic strengths, and success factors. It gives deep insights into your potential and shows you the areas where you are not living your design, and maybe that’s why you haven’t yet found your ease.
  • You’ll also have regular VIP 1:1 online mentoring sessions every 2-3 weeks
    • where I will help you step-by-step on your path to develop a deeper understanding of yourself and bring more authority to all areas of your life.
  • Bonus:
    • a quick and interactive analysis of a person of your choice such as your partner, kids, boss, etc. (provided they consent.) This will enable you to understand possible conflict potentials and stressors and provide clear insights into alternative solutions.