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Curious? Just scan through the different type of readings below. There might be one fitting for your needs …

My promise to you ... to convey the MAGIC of your ENERGY to you

  • I will give share not only individual puzzle pieces of your energy, aura, strength and challenges, but really strive for conveying you the masterpiece you are
  • I don’t stay on the surface, but dive deep into your peculiarities and challenges – based on your design and your questions.
  • I cannot tell you, how your current life is right now and how much conditioning has happened. However, I can provide a simple compass to navigate back over time to your authentic self.
  • My goal is not that you understand human design afterwards or believe that I know a lot about it.
  • It is my heart’s goal that afterwards you will know yourself better, accept yourself more and be able to walk your unique path more confidently and joyous.
  • Why do I think I can do that? … As a 6/2 projector with spleen authority, I have a natural talent to see the beauty of others and to be of guidance if wanted. On top of that I have robust training, experience and last but not least a great love for people.
  • I also do this, because I am deeply convinced that we are all here on this planet right now to be part of the solution for the future.
  • It needs YOU in your full splendor, greatness and self-love to make this place more gandkids-friendly.
  • Therefore I would be happy if you invited me (a projector energetically needs an invitation) to show you the magic of your energy.

Individual Readings - for you or as a gift

Starter reading – come on a self discovery journey and learn

  • your individual energetic blueprint and thus get a shortcut to many of your questions (“who am I” / “where do I want to go” … etc)
  • how you can impact people and where you have a higher tendency to be influenced by others
  • your needs and how to manage your energy
  • how to make decisions that are best for you
  • your behavior patterns that can arise from conditioning and ego/ shadows

What is it not: Life coaching, counseling.

30-40 min voice message

Energy exchange: 70 EUR + tax

Deep dive reading – it’s all about your uniqueness

  • all of the “starter reading” and …
  • deep dive in your areas of interest based on your questions e.g.
  • Soul longings / mission
  • best set-up in family and / or job
  • getting back into flow when you get stuck
  • your impact in large and small teams, your strengths as employee or entrepreneur
  • and much more

What is it not: Life coaching, counseling.

90-120 min voice messages

Energy exchange: 100 EUR (per hour message) + tax

Interpersonal Readings - for couples and / or families

Relationship reading – dive into the invisible energetical dynamics between you and your partner / child to reduce risk of frictions going forward

  • Understand the (dis)similarities between your energies
  • Get how you can better strengthen and support each other and where endless discussions most likely are a waste of time
  • What are your likely patterns of communication and decision making
  • What keeps you together, what are the watch-outs
  • Who leads energetically in which aspect (eg communication, emotionally, implementation, thinking, etc.)
  • Which self-sabotage patterns can involved
  • and your questions – can also be discussed in live call

What is it not: relationship, communications coaching, couples therapy. NOTE: at least a single reading should be done beforehand in order to have a deeper understanding of one’s own needs and patterns

90-120 min voice messages

Energy exchange: 100 EUR (per hour message, call) + tax

Family reading – understand the dynamics in your family better

  • At least 1 deep dive reading of a parent is required for understanding …
  • short reading of all members – energy types, decision making, needs and watch-out
  • family members interaction patters when it comes to communication, stress level, emotions, well-being, willpower and direction, etc.
  • Who needs what type of support (verbally, space, time, structure…)
  • What could be good strategies to avoid heated situations
  • Responding to specific questions

What is it not: Family therapy, coaching

90-120 min voice message

Energy exchange: 100 EUR (per hour message, call) + tax

Baby / toddler reading – protect the uniqueness of your child

  • At least 1 parent deep dive reading is required
  • short reading of energy type and needs of kid
  • input on how to best support your child to remain a confident persona
  • Which routines, sleeping habits, learning strategies, environments, eating habits are most beneficial for your child
  • What dynamics can develop between you – awareness can bring you into ease and flow
  • if wanted, I can provide a little “cheat sheet” on top

What is it not: Family therapy, coaching

45-60 min voice message

Energy exchange: 100 EUR (per hour message, call) + tax