Human Design is a modern synthesis of thousands of years of ancient knowledge from various metaphysical modalities. What is exciting about this synthesis is that in addition to the conscious aspects, the unconscious (!) can also be illuminated. Human Design enables an astonishingly individual view of you. And all based on the exact time of your birth. I don’t know any more accurate system – and yes, as a former strategy consultant, I also find it somehow “spooky”.

  • All I need from you are your dates of birth (including place, exact time) and your telephone number or email. My number is +491743336974
  • If you do not have your exact birth time, please let me know, roughly how many minutes / hours it might be off. It might or might not make a big difference – we will figure it out.
  • Please send me a voice message (I am rather acoustic) and tell me a bit about yourself and a couple of questions that you would like to answer. I can probably give some input based on your design.
  • I’ll put your details in my (64keys and geneticmatrix) databases. Please note, these are not unsed for any other purpose.
  • I will send you the reading as a voice message, then you will have the opportunity to listen to it 1+ time without disturbance. Please write down any questions you may have.
  • Happy to walk through open questions live afterwards.

Human design is becoming more and more popular. That is why there is lots of content on general topics already out there. They will give you input on the individual pieces of your own puzzle.

In my view, the true magic of your energy is only revealed, once you put all these puzzle together in a holistic view (1 + 1 = 3). All my readings and the feedback I received have encouraged me to continue to focus mainly on individual readings – this is my very special strength and my contribution.

  • Nearly 20 years of international project- and team management
  • Studying at the International School of Human Design, Alisha Belluga and 64 keys
  • Holistic Nutritionist
  • Tony Robbins Master University
  • Energetically – natural born guide (6/2 projector) with lots of passion to let other people shine