Fall in Love with

the Magic of your Energy

Katja Hainz

Human Design Readings

Do you also feel stuck sometimes, not knowing what the next right turn could be for you?

What if it could be easy to finally get yourself – with all your light and all your shadows – without needing to spend endless ourself either on a therapist couch or a hard stone in an Indian ashram ;-)? What

Just imagine you could be in tune with your needs, without over-relying on well-intended advices or endless trial and error?

What if you could better understand that underlying motivations and needs of your loved ones? how much more joyful could those interactions be – even with teenagers.

What if you had a kind of compass, that could navigate you through the labyrinth of your life, by helping you making more aligned decisions?

In my experience, most people are still wondering in the dark when it comes to appreciating their TRUE SELF. There seem to be too many contradictions, too many beliefs, too little time to really work them out. They end up making too many compromises and more and more forget about their dreams and needs. It can be frustrating, confusing and energy draining – particularly as they often do not see an effective and efficient way out.

The good news is, – there is an easy way out – or put differently – an easy way back into your true self.

Believe me, I have been there myself, where I totally lost my path and where I really, really lost my energy. I was confused and frustrated for years with my new role as working mum, I was too de-energized to respect – let alone love – myself. And of course that showed in my marriage and my vision for life. At some point I even questioned whether staying here was the better option. I still remember that one day end of 2014 when I decided that enough is enough and I committed to get myself back together by the end of my then maternity leave. And when I commit to something, I really go in deep. Since then I have spend many hours, weeks and months on really diving into human needs & patterns, interpersonal dynamics, re-writing life stories, energy management and life hacks.

The biggest revelation of all has been learning Human Design … it just cracks the code of who you are and gives actionable tips.

Life has never been the same again for me: up-leveling marriage, saying good bye to a 6digit job to live my life mission, and living my life instead of all the expectations of others, having a big circle of amazing friends and most importantly to me – being now in a position to this planet a better place – one person at a time.

The path of self-discovery can look differently for different people. No matter how, in my experience it can be a long and windy road.

Most people do not take the time nor have the will power to go that path on top of work, kids and life. And if they do something like a course, webinar, book – often they fall off the wagon a couple of days/weeks post-program.

What if a Human Design reading could be a viable short cut to understand yourself and the dynamic with others and by then reduce frustration, sadness and anger …?

What if a Human Design reading could give you the tools to live a more authentic life?

What if a Human Design reading could really open your eyes to your own MAGIC?

And what if I could explain it to you in a way that is understandable and actionable?

I encourage you to not trust me per se, but form your own opinion. Therefore I added a “testimonial” section to the simple site.

I would be very happy if I could convey the magic of your energy  to you, 

because I am deeply convinced that the world needs your special talent 

in order to make this world more grand-children friendly.